Still alive!

I know it’s been a while, but I promise – I’m still alive!

I’ve been having a little romance with a new site where you get to breed pretty, pink dragons. (Well, there’s other colors than pink, but my lair is pretty pink!) I tend to have these little periods where I go all nuts about something for a while, then it simmers down to something more normal than a complete obsession. I think I’ve gotten through to the other site regarding my dragons, so while I’ll still be having fun (I’ve actually so far shelled a future doll in a dragon) I’ll also try to concentrate a bit on dolls again.

Another reason for my absence has been my sadness regarding the hobby. I haven’t fallen out of love with my dolls, but I do feel a distinct sadness on several levels. On the more overall level in the hobby, I feel sad that everything is about recasts these days. When I started in the hobby just a few years ago, recasts were a hush-hush sort of thing and most people just wanted that elusive grail doll. I even considered getting a Juri 08 in recast, because she was and still is impossible to get. But now everything is getting recasted, even really cheap basic dolls. I’m not going to get into a full-on explanation, because my friend Akatsuki/Lise says it far better. On a more personal note, I hate how I can’t get any new dolls and Lati still hasn’t shipped my centaur. It’s been more than 9 months (in fact we’re getting closer to 10 months!) and it sucks so bad. At this point I’m somewhere between “just give me back my money!” and “at least send me a big honking gift AND GET HER SHIPPED!”. And while I recently sold my Momocolor Lucy, I can’t use those funds to get a new doll – mainly because our economy is a bit uncertain at this point where I don’t know if I can keep getting money from the state for studying, because I’ve taken so long. I hate my head these days, it just won’t stop hurting. Plus half the time I keep forgetting things. I spent about 15 minutes yesterday trying to remember a word, and for someone who has always had a gigantic vocabulary, it’s almost physically painful.

So yes, I’m still here. I’ll try to be more active, but I think I need to rediscover the joys of the hobby. You guys got some great suggestions?


What do you think?

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