Mille has landed!

I almost made it to the 10 month waiting period – Lati took well over 9 months to ship my centaur from the Olympos release. Apparently they had trouble with the centaur bodies, because it seems like the centaur buyers were the one waiting forever. I have – as some might have noticed – been quite angry at times, completely disinterested at others. And most of the time I simply expected to just sell her as soon as she arrived.

But, as Lati dolls usually do, she caught my heart immediately. There was never any doubt that she is staying, she is so graceful and fun. And though her mold is the same as my Poe, she is quite a bit different from Poe! Mille seems more inquisitive, while Poe’s expression is always quite shy.

IMG_9550 (1)

You may worship now!

Of course since I wasn’t expecting her to stay, I don’t have any wigs ready for her. I do have some clothes she can use, but quite frankly, she seemed disinterested. I guess a centaur can go naked until I manage to locate some sort of clothes that she’ll agree to wear. No use trying to force a miniature goddess!

Interested in a bit of backstory for her character? If not, skip this part!

Mille is my tiny goddess in the form of a kid centaur. A…centaur foal? Anyhow, she is actually genderless, but is usually considered genderfluid or agender. She likes the pronouns she and her, but if children need someone to relate to, she can also be him/his or the child’s preferred pronouns. She protects all abused children who call on her, but her main concern has always been transgender children and children who fall outside the gender binary. She can be called on for any reason and will happily just sit and listen to the child for hours as the child pours their heart out to someone who understands and never raise any objections. Though rare, she will sometimes remove a child from abusive parents and deliver the child to a couple who desperately wants a child and will respect the child and their wishes. She is not a goddess who easily angers, but she has turned violent some times during her reign – turning a parent into a wooden toy. The only thing that parents can really do to anger Mille is pray for their child to be different – not for the child’s own sake, but for the parent’s. While it might be natural (although undesirable) in Mille’s eyes to wish that the child wouldn’t have to face such difficulties with their life because of their gender; she has no respect for a parent who wants their child to be “normal” because they refuse to accept the child’s identity or feel outright ashamed.

IMG_9552 (2)

She can bend this far for those who might be interested

With Mille was also an unexpected traveler. Lati had promised to include a gift because of my waiting for this long, but I was expecting a wig! Instead I found a head inside Mille’s box and was quite surprised. As far as I can tell, it might be an updated version of Halloween Ver. Devil Cookie from 2010. I don’t as of yet know what I want to do with it, but I expect to sell it, since I’m not too big a Cookie fan. Plus it’ll save me the hassle of getting her a body, wig and clothes. Those little ones are demanding!

IMG_9571 (2)

Halloween Cookie in an updated version, perhaps?


2 thoughts on “Mille has landed!

  1. I still think your concept for Mille is awesome! I hope to see a lot more pictures of her, especially when she is complete.
    Good luck selling the extra head!

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