Somebody (I’m not mentioning any names, but if I were, I’d be saying Lise) got me addicted to Instagram when I finally got an Android phone.

My Instagram account

I’ve added a little link to Instagram in my sidebar so you can keep sort of track of me there as well as you’ve been able to on Flickr. Be warned though, I post far worse and sillier photos on Instagram, since it’s a site that lends itself to that so easily. I also tend to post plushies and my cat. And food sometimes. For my more “serious” photos, you should still check Flickr.

So, are you also an Instagram addict? Facebook? Flickr? Or just every single place on the Internet like me?


4 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Alasse says:

    I actually had instagram installed on my android for a bit but could never figure out what it was all about and ended up uninstalling it. I think I was actually looking for filters for photos or something.

    I pretty much stick with my blog and flickr, anymore than that and I’d never be able to keep up with everything! I do have a deviantART but I reserve that mostly for my art stuff and I am slack about actually using it.

    There’s just so many social media places these days, I honestly am in awe of people who can keep up with them all!

    • Well, there are a few filters, but they’re really not that impressive compared to other photo apps, I agree!

      Haha, I can have a hard time keeping up with things too, but usually I have a fair bit of time on my hands, so I have to do something to entertain myself! 😉
      Yeah, I’ve got DeviantArt too, but I hardly ever use it… I don’t really know why, but it’s just not me, you know?

      Yeah, me too. 😀 I focus on a few select ones. 🙂

  2. fantasywoods says:

    Lovely instagram! I’m kinda lazy but I do post sometimes there as well, so I added you~

    I also linked your blog in mine (, hope you don’t mind!

    • Thank you! n_n Added you right back, I don’t have a lot of people in my feed, so more dolls and polish is pretty awesome. n_n

      Oh, how exciting! n_n I’ll add you right back! 🙂

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