Phia is home!

…and to be quite honest, she’s been home for a while. (Which you sort of may have suspected, if you follow my Instagram.)

3rd of March Phia finally made it through customs and was hand delivered here in the evening. I waited for her all day and didn’t even pee for 8 hours because I was so scared I’d miss the postlady. u_u I was so happy with her from the moment I opened the box, and the love hasn’t diminished even though she insists on taking 5-10 minutes of me swearing while I attempt to put on her wig, before she’ll actually allow it to sit right.

IMG_0169 (2)As of now, she’s had her first trip to a dolly meet where she – despite an overwhelming number of SDs – managed to outshine every other doll completely. (Biased? Me? Nuh-uh!) So now that she’s been seen in public, she’s waiting to get her faceup. This all hinges on me soon hopefully feeling energetic enough to fill out forms and ship her head out into the big, scary world, because we’ve already found a pretty wonderful faceup artist.

IMG_0181 (2)


That tan Vanilla..?

Faithful readers (and to be quite honest everybody else as well) might remember how buying a tan PukiFee Vanilla was at the top of my to-do list for 2015? Yeah, forget about that. Oops.

Since Fairyland is not currently open for purchase of tan PukiFees, I was resigned to wait it out until the next event happened. But stupid people do stupid things, and I looked at Luts’s website. And saw Tiny Delf Hansel again, whom I’d liked for another character of mine. A character who quite adamantly told me that she was to be shelled in a 1/6 doll instead – she is the one who will be shelled in the LittleFee Halloween event faceplate. But Hansel is adorable with her cute little smile, I’d really liked her already back then, and I soon started blabbering about whether I should go with her instead for Phia. I annoyed my friends, everybody in the Tiny Delf thread on DoA, random people on Tumblr, and even my cat (sorry everyone). I googled and googled until there was nothing left to google about Tiny Delfs. And then I struggled for some time, going back and forth, until I wasn’t even able to answer what doll I’d choose if I could have either of them right now.

Tonight I finally caved and pushed the buy button – obviously with careful enabling from a certain someone, whose famous words were probably the last straw: You can always sell her if it doesn’t pan out. Well, truth is I probably won’t be able to because of the almost hilariously awful BJD second hand market, but fingers crossed I won’t have to. Fingers crossed that once she’s in my hands I can’t even remember that PukiFees have better posing or that I had carefully laid out plans which happened to go kaboom. Fingers crossed that I don’t regret this.

Phew. Let’s end this on a high note:

Phia is coming home!

Picture from

2015 plans

Happy New Year, dear followers! I hope you and yours got safely into 2015 with nothing but happiness and fun. Personally my husband and I have both been fairly sick, so our New Year’s Eve was very low-key.

After reading a lot of people doing a balance check for 2014, I figured I should probably make a list of goals for 2015. I’m hesitant to call them resolutions, since I absolutely suck at those. So here are my plans, hopes, and goals for 2015.

1. Buy Phia
This is my number one plan, hope, and dream for 2015. Phia will be a tan PukiFee Vanilla, but as it appears I will have no luck on the second-hand market (don’t get me started on my problems with a specific seller), I will be crossing my fingers that Fairyland decides to do an adorable Valentine’s event with tan PukiFees. Realistically, it won’t happen, as the current tan event ends February 2nd, so here’s to hoping that they at least have a tan event for PukiFees in 2015!

2. Learn to sew/draw/something creative
I really want to develop a creative skill of some sort, and I think that sewing is more likely to happen than drawing, but I’m leaving my options wide open – I know myself.

3. Take more pictures
My achy head and generally foul mood has made it harder to photograph my dolls in 2014. I don’t know if anything about my head will change in 2015, but at least I’d like to photograph my girls more. Even if it’s just for Instagram.

4. Blog more regularly
I tend to neglect my blog for weeks and months, which annoys me, because it’s harder to get back into blogging than just continuing blogging. So in 2015 I’ll try not to take such big breaks.

5. Get better at commenting on blogs
I have several loyal readers, who almost always comment on my own blog, and it makes me so happy to see their kind words whenever I publish something. However I absolutely suck at paying back, as I never really know what to say. I’ll try to get better at just writing whatever comes to mind, even if it’s silly or seems stupid to me, because I know how wonderful it is to get comments.

Wishlist meme

Lise always thinks I should do those trendy things, so this time they tagged me to do a wish list meme. So here goes nothing!

1. How many dolls are on your wish list currently?
Uh… Hm. My small wish list: 2 dolls. My long wish list? About 1000? Haha, no, 8 I believe.

2. How many Larger (65cm+) dolls are on your list?

3. What about 1/3 sized dolls?

4. And 1/4?
None. (This is getting repetitive!)

5. 1/6 and smaller?
8! (That’s all of them, if you’re still a bit holiday groggy.)

6. What is your grail doll?
Right now, I think it’s a PukiFee Vanilla in tan fresh from Fairyland with a custom faceup. It’s sort of also a Lati Yellow Coco, but I’m lucky enough to already own one of those! (Lovely Nova.)

7. What is the most expensive doll on your wishlist?
Well, a lot of the dolls on the list are LittleFees. So maybe LittleFee Chloe in tan, since tan is a bit more expensive than natural.

8. What about the most inexpensive doll?
Possibly a Luts Honey Delf Lolly in real skin brown…but I’m not sure she’ll stay on the list?

9. Which doll do you most look forward to getting in the future?
It’s almost a tie between a PukiFee Vanilla and a Honey Delf Lolly, but I think the Vanilla wins out, because I’m so unsure about the entire Honey Delf Lolly/LittleFee event face plate thing.

10. Lastly, can you list all the dolls on your wish list?
LittleFee Chloe/Rachel
LittleFee Lishe
LittleFee El elf
LittleFee Chiwoo elf (girl)/Rolly/Bisou (girl)
LittleFee El
PukiFee Luna
PukiFee Vanilla
Luts Honeydelf Lolly

Tag some people to keep it moving!
I think that those I know have already been tagged? I’m not sure though, so feel absolutely free to consider yourself tagged if you haven’t been yet!


Somebody (I’m not mentioning any names, but if I were, I’d be saying Lise) got me addicted to Instagram when I finally got an Android phone.

My Instagram account

I’ve added a little link to Instagram in my sidebar so you can keep sort of track of me there as well as you’ve been able to on Flickr. Be warned though, I post far worse and sillier photos on Instagram, since it’s a site that lends itself to that so easily. I also tend to post plushies and my cat. And food sometimes. For my more “serious” photos, you should still check Flickr.

So, are you also an Instagram addict? Facebook? Flickr? Or just every single place on the Internet like me?

Friends are the world

We all talk about the community in the doll collecting hobby – some think it’s awful and elitist, others finally feel like they found the place they belong, and others again feel like they can’t get to be a part of it. Of course a few just don’t care and want to play with pretty dolls, but that’s another story entirely!

For me, I found a space where I finally fit. It took a little while with me floundering around like a bird in a wind tunnel or something like that, but then I stumbled upon a weird little group of Danish people on Skype. A few of those people decided to make an even more tight-knit little Skype group, where most of us log on every day to talk. I’ve already gushed about these people here, so I’ll let that speak for itself.

But one specific of these people has for some unknown reason decided to accept me as a close friend (which she will regret so much come NaNoWriMo, when I will be kicking her ass to reach 50k words!). She is probably one of the kindest souls I’ve ever been fortunate enough to know, and most of you who follow my blog might already be strongly suspecting that I’m of course referring to Lise, blogger over at Red Riding Hood and owner of too many lovely dolls to count (Charlotte, Gerda, Estelle, Scarlet and Connor, just to name a few lovelies).

When we had a little doll meet with Maria (blogger over at Tjassi and owner of Isi, a doll I regularly consider stealing, because CUTE), Lise had a lovely birthday present for me: A wig for my Phia. Phia is a character so close to my heart these days, symbolizing happiness and hope, things I often tend to forget. Sadly, I do not in any ways have the funds to get her – I didn’t even have the funds to get a wig, when The Wig popped up on Etsy. So Lise decided to snatch it up and gift it to me, because she knows how much I love Phia and what she symbolizes.

And look at it, isn’t it beautiful?

IMG_9975 (3)

It’s a little hard to get the true colors to show up, since the light wasn’t exactly the best today, but oh well! Couldn’t wait any longer to show you! It’s a far softer, paler pink in real life, and it’s so gorgeous.

It is from PinkPantherrr on Etsy, but if you want to know about their service, you will have to ask Lise!
It is seriously soft and beautiful though. I can sit and just run my hand over it, I absolutely adore mohair wigs! And my girl will look wonderful when I get her some day. Sadly, the description says the wig is a little big for a PukiFee head (since it was made for a Lati Yellow head), but you can all be certain I will find some way to fix that, haha! (Tips on how to do so are appreciated, though!)

I still can’t believe Lise bought it for me, and I am so grateful to her. It is just one more thing that makes me determined to get better and get on with my life, because I have to earn the funds to bring lovely Phia home one day to wear her wig! And those days when I forget my way even with my reminders, I know I can always come to Lise, and she’ll help me pick up my spirits and remind me that we’re both going great places.

Have you made some wonderful, life-changing friends through the hobby?

Mille has landed!

I almost made it to the 10 month waiting period – Lati took well over 9 months to ship my centaur from the Olympos release. Apparently they had trouble with the centaur bodies, because it seems like the centaur buyers were the one waiting forever. I have – as some might have noticed – been quite angry at times, completely disinterested at others. And most of the time I simply expected to just sell her as soon as she arrived.

But, as Lati dolls usually do, she caught my heart immediately. There was never any doubt that she is staying, she is so graceful and fun. And though her mold is the same as my Poe, she is quite a bit different from Poe! Mille seems more inquisitive, while Poe’s expression is always quite shy.

IMG_9550 (1)

You may worship now!

Of course since I wasn’t expecting her to stay, I don’t have any wigs ready for her. I do have some clothes she can use, but quite frankly, she seemed disinterested. I guess a centaur can go naked until I manage to locate some sort of clothes that she’ll agree to wear. No use trying to force a miniature goddess!

Interested in a bit of backstory for her character? If not, skip this part!

Mille is my tiny goddess in the form of a kid centaur. A…centaur foal? Anyhow, she is actually genderless, but is usually considered genderfluid or agender. She likes the pronouns she and her, but if children need someone to relate to, she can also be him/his or the child’s preferred pronouns. She protects all abused children who call on her, but her main concern has always been transgender children and children who fall outside the gender binary. She can be called on for any reason and will happily just sit and listen to the child for hours as the child pours their heart out to someone who understands and never raise any objections. Though rare, she will sometimes remove a child from abusive parents and deliver the child to a couple who desperately wants a child and will respect the child and their wishes. She is not a goddess who easily angers, but she has turned violent some times during her reign – turning a parent into a wooden toy. The only thing that parents can really do to anger Mille is pray for their child to be different – not for the child’s own sake, but for the parent’s. While it might be natural (although undesirable) in Mille’s eyes to wish that the child wouldn’t have to face such difficulties with their life because of their gender; she has no respect for a parent who wants their child to be “normal” because they refuse to accept the child’s identity or feel outright ashamed.

IMG_9552 (2)

She can bend this far for those who might be interested

With Mille was also an unexpected traveler. Lati had promised to include a gift because of my waiting for this long, but I was expecting a wig! Instead I found a head inside Mille’s box and was quite surprised. As far as I can tell, it might be an updated version of Halloween Ver. Devil Cookie from 2010. I don’t as of yet know what I want to do with it, but I expect to sell it, since I’m not too big a Cookie fan. Plus it’ll save me the hassle of getting her a body, wig and clothes. Those little ones are demanding!

IMG_9571 (2)

Halloween Cookie in an updated version, perhaps?