That tan Vanilla..?

Faithful readers (and to be quite honest everybody else as well) might remember how buying a tan PukiFee Vanilla was at the top of my to-do list for 2015? Yeah, forget about that. Oops.

Since Fairyland is not currently open for purchase of tan PukiFees, I was resigned to wait it out until the next event happened. But stupid people do stupid things, and I looked at Luts’s website. And saw Tiny Delf Hansel again, whom I’d liked for another character of mine. A character who quite adamantly told me that she was to be shelled in a 1/6 doll instead – she is the one who will be shelled in the LittleFee Halloween event faceplate. But Hansel is adorable with her cute little smile, I’d really liked her already back then, and I soon started blabbering about whether I should go with her instead for Phia. I annoyed my friends, everybody in the Tiny Delf thread on DoA, random people on Tumblr, and even my cat (sorry everyone). I googled and googled until there was nothing left to google about Tiny Delfs. And then I struggled for some time, going back and forth, until I wasn’t even able to answer what doll I’d choose if I could have either of them right now.

Tonight I finally caved and pushed the buy button – obviously with careful enabling from a certain someone, whose famous words were probably the last straw: You can always sell her if it doesn’t pan out. Well, truth is I probably won’t be able to because of the almost hilariously awful BJD second hand market, but fingers crossed I won’t have to. Fingers crossed that once she’s in my hands I can’t even remember that PukiFees have better posing or that I had carefully laid out plans which happened to go kaboom. Fingers crossed that I don’t regret this.

Phew. Let’s end this on a high note:

Phia is coming home!

Picture from


Another girl coming home?

Just like most collectors, I have a seemingly never-ending wishlist. In my case the wishlist is made up mainly of dolls that I’d really like to shell OCs into (plus a few extras like Aileen dragons). In all honesty, the wishlist could be almost completely done if Fairyland ever decided to sponsor me, but recently I decided that a Luts Honey Delf Lolly would do nicely for one of my characters.

Isn’t she pretty? (Image belongs to Luts)

I really like her, but of course I worry about how she would look with my Fairyland dolls especially, since those are the ones she will often be posing with – I guess that is one of the worries, when you’re a mono-company collector such as me! I do have a handful of Latis though, but they can make any picture look absolutely precious.

Lolly would be the shell for my character Rikkilea, whom also happens to be the character I’m dedicating this year’s NaNoWriMo to! However she is currently a distant dream, as funds are more than limited (strangely, sitting at home and waiting to get better doesn’t yield tons of doll money), and as such I won’t be able to bring her home anytime soon, unless somebody decides to do a trade with me! So while I listed Rikkilea as one of those characters that won’t be part of my life in doll form anytime soon, Lise (from Red Riding Hood) decided to mess with my plans a little. She has decided to get herself a new doll from Fairyland, and as such she will be getting a free gift. Being generous and nice as always, she decided that she wants to gift me the LittleFee gift faceplate for reasons I still don’t fathom! And while I was absolutely determined to turn her down and tell her to sell the faceplate to fund some dolly stuff for herself, I made the grievous error of going to Fairyland’s page and looking curiously at the faceplate – well, I obviously needed to know what I was turning down. And BAM, I was hooked. I rarely see the potential in a blank face, but even I could tell how absolutely stunning this face had the possibility of being. And while still being determined to turn that crazy “Santa Claus meets fairy godmother”-impersonator down, I of course peeked at my doll wish list to see if it would be able to replace any doll. Luckily, this faceplate would not be suited for any of my characters! Crisis avoided!

(Image belongs to Fairyland)

I wondered though – this faceplate reminded me of some other faceplate. Lise and I discussed it for a while and ended up agreeing that it was probably that “Fairyland feel”, where they all feel a little alike in the best way possible – they have the Fairyland look, and they look cohesive when together. Then I later looked at the Lolly sculpt (when I find a pleasing sculpt I like to look at it a lot in the beginning), and the crisis returned with an orchestra and it’s own full-length trailer. Somehow this sculpt reminds me of the Lolly face! And while I seem to be the only one who can see it (something about the lips especially, but also the eyes), I absolutely cannot unsee it. So yes. I will be getting another floating sometime head next year, dang it. I don’t know if she will completely replace Lolly as my Rikkilea shell, I have my strong suspicions. Especially considering I’m a little afraid to purchase outside of Fairyland, as I really really love their posing, and I’ve had to sell my Momocolor doll due to her posing. Also, I’m plotting on winning the lottery and buying some expensive doll for Lise and clothes for all her dolls (and a wig for Connor) to make up for all these precious gifts.

So you’d like to see a mock-up of her, you say? Alright! Luckily I’ve gotten a new, gorgeous phone for my birthday (thank you, family!), so I have a lovely (and fun: My brother would not make a pretty sister!) program for makeup, as I don’t yet feel ready to do a full mock-up in Photoshop (although absolutely taking tips on how to do that).

Mock-up by me (Image of blank faceplate belongs to Fairyland)

Mock-up by me (Image of blank faceplate belongs to Fairyland)

I’m not completely settled on the look yet, but I really like the strong lips and the bold eyeliner, as I’m hoping for her to look a little 1940’s in her makeup, but still twisted in my own way. The pink leaning lipstick has been chosen over the traditional red due to me wanting her wig to be lilac/lavender. I’m wondering if it’ll feel too boring in the long run, or if her accessories will make a more “interesting” faceup a little too much.

Do you do mock-ups of dolls you’d like to own? Would your brother look lovely with blue eyelashes and strong, pink lipgloss? What do you do when you can’t decide between several sculpts for a character?

Mille has landed!

I almost made it to the 10 month waiting period – Lati took well over 9 months to ship my centaur from the Olympos release. Apparently they had trouble with the centaur bodies, because it seems like the centaur buyers were the one waiting forever. I have – as some might have noticed – been quite angry at times, completely disinterested at others. And most of the time I simply expected to just sell her as soon as she arrived.

But, as Lati dolls usually do, she caught my heart immediately. There was never any doubt that she is staying, she is so graceful and fun. And though her mold is the same as my Poe, she is quite a bit different from Poe! Mille seems more inquisitive, while Poe’s expression is always quite shy.

IMG_9550 (1)

You may worship now!

Of course since I wasn’t expecting her to stay, I don’t have any wigs ready for her. I do have some clothes she can use, but quite frankly, she seemed disinterested. I guess a centaur can go naked until I manage to locate some sort of clothes that she’ll agree to wear. No use trying to force a miniature goddess!

Interested in a bit of backstory for her character? If not, skip this part!

Mille is my tiny goddess in the form of a kid centaur. A…centaur foal? Anyhow, she is actually genderless, but is usually considered genderfluid or agender. She likes the pronouns she and her, but if children need someone to relate to, she can also be him/his or the child’s preferred pronouns. She protects all abused children who call on her, but her main concern has always been transgender children and children who fall outside the gender binary. She can be called on for any reason and will happily just sit and listen to the child for hours as the child pours their heart out to someone who understands and never raise any objections. Though rare, she will sometimes remove a child from abusive parents and deliver the child to a couple who desperately wants a child and will respect the child and their wishes. She is not a goddess who easily angers, but she has turned violent some times during her reign – turning a parent into a wooden toy. The only thing that parents can really do to anger Mille is pray for their child to be different – not for the child’s own sake, but for the parent’s. While it might be natural (although undesirable) in Mille’s eyes to wish that the child wouldn’t have to face such difficulties with their life because of their gender; she has no respect for a parent who wants their child to be “normal” because they refuse to accept the child’s identity or feel outright ashamed.

IMG_9552 (2)

She can bend this far for those who might be interested

With Mille was also an unexpected traveler. Lati had promised to include a gift because of my waiting for this long, but I was expecting a wig! Instead I found a head inside Mille’s box and was quite surprised. As far as I can tell, it might be an updated version of Halloween Ver. Devil Cookie from 2010. I don’t as of yet know what I want to do with it, but I expect to sell it, since I’m not too big a Cookie fan. Plus it’ll save me the hassle of getting her a body, wig and clothes. Those little ones are demanding!

IMG_9571 (2)

Halloween Cookie in an updated version, perhaps?

London and Poe are home

As hinted earlier today on my Facebook page, I finally had the chance to do a box opening of my two Lati Bat Children – Lumi and Noa. To those of you reading my ramblings on a regular basis, these girls are better known as London and Poe! Unlike Rain and Kiri (which basically involved ripping the boxes open), I took the time to pull out the camera for this box opening. I’m bad at box openings though, because I don’t really take a lot of pictures – boxes aren’t as interesting as the actual dolls, haha! Another factor that helped this box opening along is the fact that my home is now less of a dumpster for things we don’t know where to put and more of a home. Some boxes still need unpacking, lamps need hanging, curtains need hanging, etc….but it feels like a home. And I have a pretty corner for pictures. Well, it has a door and stuff, but it’s nice and white and clear of stuff.

Of course I was completely unprepared for the girls (yes, I’ve waited more than half a year and I still haven’t bought them wigs, shoes and clothes), so these pictures will contain resin nudity and baldness! I also realized while having them sitting on my desk that they both need new eyes. Which means that I’ll have to hit eBay and figure out what size to get them (12 or 14mm?). But I love looking at eyes – they’re such a treat. The hardest thing is settling on one pair! I also really need to hit order on that Taobao order, but it huuurts. So expensive!

As for London and Poe, I’m pretty thrilled with them. I’ve almost forgiven Lati for taking so long, but only almost. After my tinytaur comes home, I’m not sure I’m going to order from them again. Unless they release a pink doll. The girls are both pretty perfect, but Poe’s so called normal skin looks mostly like a yellowed white skin. It’s really not that pretty, but I hope that it will be less obvious, when she gets on her clothes, wig and shoes. I also don’t find that it’s super-obvious in pictures. People should be aware of it though, in case they want to order a normal skin doll from Lati – I’ve seen others complain about the yellow-ish tint of the skin.

Anyway, on to the pictures! (Click them to see them bigger!)

Such a small box for two dolls!

Such a small box for two dolls!

I love Lati's boxes - they just get better and better. I haven't checked yet, but I suspect that these boxes are also a bit smaller than Nova's? I might be mistaken though. (My memory is awful.)

I love Lati’s boxes – they just get better and better. I haven’t checked yet, but I suspect that these boxes are also a bit smaller than Nova’s? I might be mistaken though. (My memory is awful.)

IMG_7610 (1)

And when you take off the white protection thingy, there’s little doodles of these Lati Yellow figures they use on Lati’s website. So cute!

Poe doing the mummy thing.

Poe doing the mummy thing.

London (and a Suji head) prefers to do the rolling mummy thing.

London (and a Suji head) prefers to do the rolling mummy thing.

IMG_7620 (2)

And the girls themselves! They are so beautiful, and both have gorgeous, shimmery faceups. I got lucky and got a Noa with a painted tongue, it’s so precious.

Rain and Kiri are hooome!

IMG_7542 (3) As mentioned in my last post, Rain and Kiri are both home. Of course, I’m completely unprepared for them, so I don’t even have a dress ready for Kiri. Better start poking Noam! Kiri of course has special wishes for her dress, so I had to commission it, which I normally don’t enjoy, but Noam makes the most beautiful dresses. He gets to design most of the dress, which is nice – I’m bad at decision making.

I don’t have a wig for Kiri either, but that was mainly because I’ve been indecisive (and busy). Luckily I ranted a bit to the lovely Lise, who suggested looking at Leeke World’s wigs, and I ended up buying 3 wigs…oops! More on all my wig buying in another post.

IMG_7559 (3)Today I finally had the chance to open Kiri’s shipping box and look at that lovely tan resin for the first time. She’s darker than I expected, which I’m not too thrilled about, but I think I’ll get used to it. I guess I’m just used to Cassie being the dark skinned girl. I imagined her more like a Lati tan, but don’t get me wrong – it’s a beautiful tan! I think she’ll be even prettier with a great wig, but that will probably not be for a while… So in the mean time she has stolen Molly’s old wig, which isn’t really a flattering color…

Okay, as for the pictures. Please excuse Kiri’s bad hair and nakedness. Also, I think I need to trim Rain’s bangs. Alright, I know I need to trim Rain’s bangs. So if anybody has any trimming tips, then let me know! I also want to apologise for the bad light and clutter in the background, but I’m living in a forest of moving boxes, and I was running out of daylight…

Looong hiatus

So, I haven’t exactly been blogging like a crazy person. I have good excuses, though! But if you only read this blog for doll stuff, you should stop reading now and stay tuned for the next post which should (hopefully) be dolly centered. You could also read the last part of this post, which will be a bit about dollies. If you’re also interested in my boring life, please read on!

The 7th of September, I got married to the love of my life. Our wedding was beautiful, according to both ourselves and our guests. Heck, even I looked good! (My husband was absolutely stunning – that man can really wear a tux!) It went by in quite the blur, though… Anyway, the last two weeks or so (probably more) was spent completely focusing on making the wedding the best day of our lives. Planning, planning and more planning. From Monday to Friday we got like 4 hours of sleep each night – which of course meant that when we reached Friday, my husband-to-be was coming down with a full-blown cold that nothing could stop. This meant that even after 10 hours of sleep he was pretty sick all through the wedding and my family kept filling him with pills to take down his fever. He’s never gotten that much medicine and medical advice in his life – that’s what you get for marrying into a family of nurses and other health care professionals! He kept it together though, and by the end he was actually feeling so much better that I had to drag him to bed, because he wanted to stay up and drink with his buddies…

We got home Sunday in the evening, because after brunch and opening our presents, we had to drive for more than 4 hours to get to my parents’ home, where we stashed the gifts, because we were also moving. Yay! Then we had to drive back home, which is a 45 minutes drive. Then we spent Monday and Tuesday trying to get some sleep and at the same time trying to buy everything we needed for our honeymoon. Then Wednesday came a 1 hour flight to London followed by an unpleasant 12 hour flight to Mauritius. Then when we got there, I wasn’t feeling good, and at 4 in the night I got seriously sick. So I spent 3 days of our 7 day honeymoon in bed…and not the way that honeymoons are usually spent in a bed!

Our favorite pool at Paradise Cove

But it was so beautiful, I have no words. I’ve never experienced luxury like that before. When we wanted to move 5 meters or so, we almost got tackled by a waitress, because we had made a grave mistake: We were carrying our own glasses! “No no, madam! You are on vacation!” We ate by the pool once, when I felt better, too. We went with a glass bottom boat and saw a sea turtle! And generally we just spent a lot of time enjoying that we were together and had no commitments other than each other.

We had the most lovely dinner consisting only of seafood in one of these huts on my birthday

Getting home was even more awful, because 12 hours is just that much longer when you’re not flying to Paradise, but returning home to chaos. Arriving home we immediately had to start packing down our old apartment plus I had lost 3 keys to our new apartment. It took us a week to actually find said keys… Other than the fact that you can store an enormous amount of crap in an apartment the size of a shoebox, we also tossed all our big furniture except for our sofa, dining room table, and dining room chairs. In other words we bought most of IKEA. As I’m writing this, we’re still not done moving. My dad spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday here, and my mom the same except she had to skip Wednesday. My mom is returning tomorrow (Saturday) to help us pack the last things down from our old apartment, then Sunday she’ll help us clean it. Dad will visit Sunday in the new apartment to help hang the remaining lamps and stuff. We won’t exactly be done, though. Then comes the unpacking and the fact that we’re too picky to choose more lamps – we still need at least 2 ceiling lamps. We also have no curtains. So…yeah, we’ll likely need my dad quite a bit still.

Actual doll stuff
In the meantime I’ve received Rain’s face (LittleFee Ante Elf), Kiri (LittleFee Leah in tan) and the LittleFee Juri head, whom is yet nameless, but has a character. My two Lati girls (London and Poe) are also finally on their way home. And these days I have about 0 free minutes to spend with them, which makes me cry on the inside. I have wig, eyes and outfit for Rain, but I’m missing her shoes. I have nothing for Kiri. I have nothing for nameless character. I need wigs and shoes for both Lati girls, but Poe at least has an outfit.

I’m desperately hoping that I’ll have some time next week to at least take them out of their boxes, because I really want to see their precious little faces. I also hope that I can find a good cabinet or something to keep the girls in – I have the perfect place, but I need some sort of cabinet with a glass front. So I guess I’ll hit IKEA again, haha!

Also, if anybody is looking for homes for red or blonde YoSD wigs, YoSD girl clothes or YoSD shoes, please contact me!

It’s raining dolls

Rain is on her way home! Well, almost at least. I’m working out the last details with the lovely MissFlynn as I type. I can’t believe how excited I get – I’m all tingly in my tummy!

I’ve got a beautiful wa-loli kimono from the talented Keely ready (I’ll do a review with pictures and all when Rain comes home and I get a chance). I’ve got a beautiful Licht wig coming, too (and the review will appear around the same time as the kimono review). All I need is shoes, which will likely take me some time to get… I don’t want to risk any more packages getting lost in the crazy postal system!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m ready to mention it again: If you want to participate in a GO (group order), you should contact MissFlynn. She has a DoA account, but I prefer to keep an eye on her Tumblr: BJD Group Orders. She’s the nicest person, and she’ll hop on her tongue from USA to whatever doll company you’re ordering from, if that’s what it takes. If you’re annoying and want only a LittleFee faceplate (like myself), she’ll do her very best to find somebody for you to split with. She does split that enables you to get the clothes from a fullset, etc. The short version: Go join her group orders. She’s great at it!

She also has a Flickr if you’d like to see some group orders she’s had come through. She takes pictures of all the dolls that arrive at her house so we can check for mistakes before she ships them out. (I got my photo from her Flickr. Click it to see the bigger version on MissFlynn’s Flickr.)