The Majokko Shop: Adventurer’s Club

I’m a regular reader of Heather’s blog The Majokko Shop. It’s one of those blogs that never fails to put a smile on my face when it pops up with a new post in my reader, because Heather has a very positive energy that she pours into each and every post. Now she’s trying to spread some of that positive energy to her readers by launching a monthly photo challenge called the Adventurer’s Club. It’s for all dolls to join in, which is evident from the Flickr group that has Barbies, BJDs, Pure Neemos, Dollfie Dreams and Monster High dolls among the entries!

Since I love a themed challenge, I of course joined in. I haven’t been well this February, but I’ve had lot of ideas that didn’t really pan out because they wouldn’t turn out good in a photo, or because I didn’t have the option of going there because of my health. In the end I took Heather’s advice and found the Local Attraction in my own home (I considered using my husband, but that would be cheesy, right? Haha!). The wonderful part is that it also gave me the chance to take a shot of all my Latis together at once!

IMG_9086 (2)

You guys should consider checking out Heather’s photo challenge, even if it’s a bit late to join in for February… January’s challenge is a wild card though, so you can do that any time during the year!



I have found friends with different interests through this hobby: Some use their dolls as a creative outlet for painting faceups and sewing clothes, some like to photograph them, some like to shell their characters, and some just like to stare at them and whisper “I own something pretty…” (I mainly fall into the last category).

My friend, Lise, however falls into the category with shelled characters. Though I don’t know too much about her universe yet (but I will when she publishes her book someday), I do know that she loves her characters and spends so much time developing them (also her character Gerda is too lovely for words). As such she uses different methods of fleshing out her characters, like Selfies (creating pretty avatars of your dolls is something I like doing too, haha!). Another method is Charahub. Lise absolutely loves Charahub. It’s a website where you can input your characters and their likes, dislikes, etc. I find it very interesting, but quite overwhelming! It’s so useful for sitting down and spending times with your characters though, really getting to know them. I’ve tried a few times, and every time I get a little into filling out the questions, then I give up, haha! But Lise fills them out happily, and I admire her for it!

So, please go check out Lise’s Charahub and consider starting your own. I can almost guarantee that she will be happy to check out your characters! (Also, you should put her (Fushite) down as your referrer, she has a far bigger need for extra character space than I…)


Facebook page

I have after quite a bit of thought on the topic decided to also create a Facebook page for the blog in the hopes that maybe some people won’t want to follow in any other way – I know I personally follow a lot of brands on Facebook! It’s handy, it’s always there, and sometimes it feels more personal. I strongly hope that this will also further some interaction with some of you, my dear readers, because it’s so easy to like and comment on Facebook.

The link is on the top corner (it’s the ‘f’), but here’s also the link handy for you!

Lily’s dolls on Facebook

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday with lots of what you enjoy (for me it’s photographing dolls and drinking soda!).