Another girl coming home?

Just like most collectors, I have a seemingly never-ending wishlist. In my case the wishlist is made up mainly of dolls that I’d really like to shell OCs into (plus a few extras like Aileen dragons). In all honesty, the wishlist could be almost completely done if Fairyland ever decided to sponsor me, but recently I decided that a Luts Honey Delf Lolly would do nicely for one of my characters.

Isn’t she pretty? (Image belongs to Luts)

I really like her, but of course I worry about how she would look with my Fairyland dolls especially, since those are the ones she will often be posing with – I guess that is one of the worries, when you’re a mono-company collector such as me! I do have a handful of Latis though, but they can make any picture look absolutely precious.

Lolly would be the shell for my character Rikkilea, whom also happens to be the character I’m dedicating this year’s NaNoWriMo to! However she is currently a distant dream, as funds are more than limited (strangely, sitting at home and waiting to get better doesn’t yield tons of doll money), and as such I won’t be able to bring her home anytime soon, unless somebody decides to do a trade with me! So while I listed Rikkilea as one of those characters that won’t be part of my life in doll form anytime soon, Lise (from Red Riding Hood) decided to mess with my plans a little. She has decided to get herself a new doll from Fairyland, and as such she will be getting a free gift. Being generous and nice as always, she decided that she wants to gift me the LittleFee gift faceplate for reasons I still don’t fathom! And while I was absolutely determined to turn her down and tell her to sell the faceplate to fund some dolly stuff for herself, I made the grievous error of going to Fairyland’s page and looking curiously at the faceplate – well, I obviously needed to know what I was turning down. And BAM, I was hooked. I rarely see the potential in a blank face, but even I could tell how absolutely stunning this face had the possibility of being. And while still being determined to turn that crazy “Santa Claus meets fairy godmother”-impersonator down, I of course peeked at my doll wish list to see if it would be able to replace any doll. Luckily, this faceplate would not be suited for any of my characters! Crisis avoided!

(Image belongs to Fairyland)

I wondered though – this faceplate reminded me of some other faceplate. Lise and I discussed it for a while and ended up agreeing that it was probably that “Fairyland feel”, where they all feel a little alike in the best way possible – they have the Fairyland look, and they look cohesive when together. Then I later looked at the Lolly sculpt (when I find a pleasing sculpt I like to look at it a lot in the beginning), and the crisis returned with an orchestra and it’s own full-length trailer. Somehow this sculpt reminds me of the Lolly face! And while I seem to be the only one who can see it (something about the lips especially, but also the eyes), I absolutely cannot unsee it. So yes. I will be getting another floating sometime head next year, dang it. I don’t know if she will completely replace Lolly as my Rikkilea shell, I have my strong suspicions. Especially considering I’m a little afraid to purchase outside of Fairyland, as I really really love their posing, and I’ve had to sell my Momocolor doll due to her posing. Also, I’m plotting on winning the lottery and buying some expensive doll for Lise and clothes for all her dolls (and a wig for Connor) to make up for all these precious gifts.

So you’d like to see a mock-up of her, you say? Alright! Luckily I’ve gotten a new, gorgeous phone for my birthday (thank you, family!), so I have a lovely (and fun: My brother would not make a pretty sister!) program for makeup, as I don’t yet feel ready to do a full mock-up in Photoshop (although absolutely taking tips on how to do that).

Mock-up by me (Image of blank faceplate belongs to Fairyland)

Mock-up by me (Image of blank faceplate belongs to Fairyland)

I’m not completely settled on the look yet, but I really like the strong lips and the bold eyeliner, as I’m hoping for her to look a little 1940’s in her makeup, but still twisted in my own way. The pink leaning lipstick has been chosen over the traditional red due to me wanting her wig to be lilac/lavender. I’m wondering if it’ll feel too boring in the long run, or if her accessories will make a more “interesting” faceup a little too much.

Do you do mock-ups of dolls you’d like to own? Would your brother look lovely with blue eyelashes and strong, pink lipgloss? What do you do when you can’t decide between several sculpts for a character?


Leeke World Art Fairy wig review

As mentioned here I recently purchased 3 wigs from Leeke World – all three of them are ART wigs. It took them a while to get home, but that was mostly the fault of the Danish customs services. The Art Fairy was purchased with Ozzie in mind. Just like the other wavy wig I purchased (Winter) it was so incredibly soft that I basically wanted to rub my face against it. My husband arrived home to find me with the wig in hand and just stroking it. I want my cat to be as soft! I didn’t brush it, because I still haven’t located my toothbrush and I hate having to haul everything out of the closet it’s currently in. I really want that cupboard for my girls… It has a bit of fly-aways, but I doubt a lot of brushing would help. Maybe some sprays of water or wig tamer or something, but I have none of that lying around (well, I do have water…), but it still photographs very well. The only problem is the stray hair that insists on getting in her face, and unless that one starts marching in a row with the rest, I’ll yank it out.

This one had bangs in her face as well, and I just couldn’t make them look good in any way, so I grabbed my tiny scissors and went at it. It’s not as good as it could be, but it’s also not horrible. I actually read somewhere on Tumblr that wigs (doll and human alike) are actually made with bangs too long, so you’re supposed to trim them! Well that’s a mystery solved in my book.

The color in Leeke’s pictures is quite accurate, and the wig is so beautiful in real life. There’s something very magical about all the Leeke wigs I’ve received in this batch – they have a unique quality to them and I enjoy them a lot. Plus I’ve been lucky enough that all the wigs are just perfect for their character. Well, I’m still on the fence about Cassie’s wig and tan skin, but who knows if Fairyland will even release tan skin again?

IMG_8144 (2)

Leeke World Art Winter wig review

As mentioned here I recently purchased 3 wigs from Leeke World – all three of them are ART wigs. It took them a while to get home, but that was mostly the fault of the Danish customs services. The Art Winter was purchased with Cassie in mind, and I was quite happy when it arrived. It’s incredibly soft. I just bought a new makeup brush from The Body Shop and I thought that was soft, but this wig is even softer! I want hair like that. I didn’t even brush it (mainly because I forgot where I left the toothbrush…), but it didn’t really seem like it would help a lot. Funny stray-ish hairs are just part of slightly curly wigs in my experience. It’s especially bad in the face area, and I might need to figure out some sort of way to keep it out of her face. Tucking the front parts in might be a good solution, since it looks very lovely with this wig.

This wig has no bangs, which I’m quite grateful for. The bangs are just too long for LittleFees. The fit is quite nice though!

As for the colors I think it looks even better in reality than in Leeke’s pictures, so that’s a big plus! Also it’s a nice step up from Cassie’s current shell’s wig. Although white is very lovely, I think this suits her personality better. I’m not sure it fits so well with the tan skin tone though, so I might need to reconsider Cassie’s skin tone (if Fairyland ever decides to re-release tan skin!). Or maybe I should just try the wig on one of my normal skin girls, but that’s for another time…

IMG_8133 (2)

Dolls as shelled characters

Many in this lovely hobby of ours tend to make their dolls into characters. Whether they have characters from stories they’ve already written, or they are more like me who see a pretty doll and then end up creating a character for it, the dolls end up with their own personality, sense of style, and funny quirks. (For those of you who don’t have characters or even personalities for their dolls, that is also a perfect way to enjoy the hobby!)

For most people this means shelling adult characters at the least as MSDs, but often going even bigger. These are the dolls who usually are more or less adult shaped and usually with somewhat adult faces. Whether you prefer MiniFees or JIDs or Chicline or any other type of MSD, these are undeniably some sort of adult, although there is some discussion about some MSD sculpts being more teenage than adult.
But what about people like me? I for some reason can’t agree with anything bigger than 29 cm, which means that adult shaped dolls are mostly out of the question for me. I prefer LittleFees and have plans to own at least 5 of them. And they are all shells for adult characters. My girls are somewhere between 17 and several thousand years, but in appearance they are (in my head) somewhere around 17-21.

The problems is that the average age for LittleFee characters are 3-8 years. So naturally people look at my dolls and think “children”, especially because some of the girls tend to dress cutesy. On the other hand they can’t exactly dress provocatively (which would occur only to one of them, but she usually feels more at home in something glamorous), because that would look so wrong.
And it gets worse. I’ve wanted to let one of my girls be pregnant and later have a kid. No, I wouldn’t show the making of the baby, because that involves a character I believe I won’t shell, plus I just don’t want to. LittleFees aren’t sexy without clothes on, they’re just childish. But I’d like to let her have a tummy in a few shoots, and then I’d love to let her have a child (I’m thinking Nappy Choo or maybe a PukiFee for an older child, because some PukiFees have pointy ears like the mother sculpt, while Nappy Choos only have round ears, but I could explain that away).

I’ve only told this to one person, and luckily she didn’t react like I was gross or weird. I guess that gave me the courage to actually get this down in writing here on the blog, and maybe my lovely readers will let me know their thoughts? I don’t mind if you think it’s a horrible idea, I’d like to know, honestly! (I’d also love to know if you think it’d be okay, of course!) I’ve seen it done with a PukiFee couple, and I was surprised at the fact that it didn’t weird me out. They didn’t seem like such small children! But it might just be me, haha. So please share your thoughts!

Leeke World Art Lavender wig review

As mentioned here I recently purchased 3 wigs from Leeke World – all three of them are ART wigs. It took them a while to get home, but that was mostly the fault of the Danish customs services. The Art Lavender was purchased with Kiri in mind, and I was quite happy when it arrived. It’s very soft and lovely. After brushing it a bit with a toothbrush (I read this tip somewhere, but I’m not sure it’s the best solution…it does create less static than a plastic comb though), about 8 hairs came out, and that was pretty much it, so it isn’t shedding like mad.

The bangs are quite long for a LittleFee though. So is the length of the entire hair, as it reaches a bit below her knees. While I can trim the bangs, I would not recommend trimming the length of the wig, as you’d then lose the bottom colors.

I think the colors are a little less impressive in reality than in the pictures, as I’m especially not seeing the green very much.  But all in all I’m very happy, because it’s such a beautiful wig. Plus it really suits Kiri’s skin tone!

IMG_7722 (2)

Rain and Kiri are hooome!

IMG_7542 (3) As mentioned in my last post, Rain and Kiri are both home. Of course, I’m completely unprepared for them, so I don’t even have a dress ready for Kiri. Better start poking Noam! Kiri of course has special wishes for her dress, so I had to commission it, which I normally don’t enjoy, but Noam makes the most beautiful dresses. He gets to design most of the dress, which is nice – I’m bad at decision making.

I don’t have a wig for Kiri either, but that was mainly because I’ve been indecisive (and busy). Luckily I ranted a bit to the lovely Lise, who suggested looking at Leeke World’s wigs, and I ended up buying 3 wigs…oops! More on all my wig buying in another post.

IMG_7559 (3)Today I finally had the chance to open Kiri’s shipping box and look at that lovely tan resin for the first time. She’s darker than I expected, which I’m not too thrilled about, but I think I’ll get used to it. I guess I’m just used to Cassie being the dark skinned girl. I imagined her more like a Lati tan, but don’t get me wrong – it’s a beautiful tan! I think she’ll be even prettier with a great wig, but that will probably not be for a while… So in the mean time she has stolen Molly’s old wig, which isn’t really a flattering color…

Okay, as for the pictures. Please excuse Kiri’s bad hair and nakedness. Also, I think I need to trim Rain’s bangs. Alright, I know I need to trim Rain’s bangs. So if anybody has any trimming tips, then let me know! I also want to apologise for the bad light and clutter in the background, but I’m living in a forest of moving boxes, and I was running out of daylight…

#9: Doll sizes

Is there a particular size that you cling to? Which one and why?

*tries to hide Lati army* Nooo, I don’t think I cling to a particular size… *cough*

I don’t try to, I honestly don’t. Some days I don’t even know why I have so many Latis (2 at home, 2 on their way, hoping for at least 1 more), but then I spend a little time with one of them or look at pictures of them, and I remember why. They’re a very uncomplicated form of happiness for me. They don’t have complicated characters or big schemes – they’re children and they’re happy (well, mostly). And I look at other people (especially those with far bigger Lati armies) and I know that I’m not the only one feeling this way. You can’t own just one Lati, they multiply. And because of their size it doesn’t feel so overwhelming (their price is another story…). Don’t get me wrong, I also like PukiFees and other dolls this size, but Latis hold a special magic for me. I think my collection could just consist of them and I wouldn’t mind.

I also really like YoSD, I think. I didn’t spend a lot of time with my LittleFee Reni before I sold her faceplate, but it was fun. I think it’s a really great size for me, especially since even Momo29 feels a bit too big for me. I’m excited to explore the size, that’s for sure.

So, are you a Lati hoarder like me? Do you prefer big SDs because of their adult beauty and elegance? MSDs because of their young, yet adult energy? Or do you want to collect them all?