2015 plans

Happy New Year, dear followers! I hope you and yours got safely into 2015 with nothing but happiness and fun. Personally my husband and I have both been fairly sick, so our New Year’s Eve was very low-key.

After reading a lot of people doing a balance check for 2014, I figured I should probably make a list of goals for 2015. I’m hesitant to call them resolutions, since I absolutely suck at those. So here are my plans, hopes, and goals for 2015.

1. Buy Phia
This is my number one plan, hope, and dream for 2015. Phia will be a tan PukiFee Vanilla, but as it appears I will have no luck on the second-hand market (don’t get me started on my problems with a specific seller), I will be crossing my fingers that Fairyland decides to do an adorable Valentine’s event with tan PukiFees. Realistically, it won’t happen, as the current tan event ends February 2nd, so here’s to hoping that they at least have a tan event for PukiFees in 2015!

2. Learn to sew/draw/something creative
I really want to develop a creative skill of some sort, and I think that sewing is more likely to happen than drawing, but I’m leaving my options wide open – I know myself.

3. Take more pictures
My achy head and generally foul mood has made it harder to photograph my dolls in 2014. I don’t know if anything about my head will change in 2015, but at least I’d like to photograph my girls more. Even if it’s just for Instagram.

4. Blog more regularly
I tend to neglect my blog for weeks and months, which annoys me, because it’s harder to get back into blogging than just continuing blogging. So in 2015 I’ll try not to take such big breaks.

5. Get better at commenting on blogs
I have several loyal readers, who almost always comment on my own blog, and it makes me so happy to see their kind words whenever I publish something. However I absolutely suck at paying back, as I never really know what to say. I’ll try to get better at just writing whatever comes to mind, even if it’s silly or seems stupid to me, because I know how wonderful it is to get comments.