Wishlist meme

Lise always thinks I should do those trendy things, so this time they tagged me to do a wish list meme. So here goes nothing!

1. How many dolls are on your wish list currently?
Uh… Hm. My small wish list: 2 dolls. My long wish list? About 1000? Haha, no, 8 I believe.

2. How many Larger (65cm+) dolls are on your list?

3. What about 1/3 sized dolls?

4. And 1/4?
None. (This is getting repetitive!)

5. 1/6 and smaller?
8! (That’s all of them, if you’re still a bit holiday groggy.)

6. What is your grail doll?
Right now, I think it’s a PukiFee Vanilla in tan fresh from Fairyland with a custom faceup. It’s sort of also a Lati Yellow Coco, but I’m lucky enough to already own one of those! (Lovely Nova.)

7. What is the most expensive doll on your wishlist?
Well, a lot of the dolls on the list are LittleFees. So maybe LittleFee Chloe in tan, since tan is a bit more expensive than natural.

8. What about the most inexpensive doll?
Possibly a Luts Honey Delf Lolly in real skin brown…but I’m not sure she’ll stay on the list?

9. Which doll do you most look forward to getting in the future?
It’s almost a tie between a PukiFee Vanilla and a Honey Delf Lolly, but I think the Vanilla wins out, because I’m so unsure about the entire Honey Delf Lolly/LittleFee event face plate thing.

10. Lastly, can you list all the dolls on your wish list?
LittleFee Chloe/Rachel
LittleFee Lishe
LittleFee El elf
LittleFee Chiwoo elf (girl)/Rolly/Bisou (girl)
LittleFee El
PukiFee Luna
PukiFee Vanilla
Luts Honeydelf Lolly

Tag some people to keep it moving!
I think that those I know have already been tagged? I’m not sure though, so feel absolutely free to consider yourself tagged if you haven’t been yet!


Doll wishlist

So, I’m still sick. My concussion means that I am in pain pretty much every day and night these days. Fun, fun, fun. Last week I didn’t have the energy to pick up my camera and take some shots of my girls, so my goal is two pictures this week to catch up. It also means I don’t have the energy to try and be witty/interesting/awake in a blog post. Hence my idea to do something that demanded less of me: My doll wishlist! I haven’t done an actual wishlist in quite some time, but at this point it’s fairly set. I also feel fairly confident that I’ll be able to get through it within not too many years – it’s quite manageable!

Doll wishlist

  • PukiFee Luna (NS + sleeping face + custom faceup)
  • PukiFee Ante (NS + sleeping face)
  • Lati Yellow Sophie (GS)
  • Lati Yellow (pink skin)
  • LittleFee girl body (NS)
  • LittleFee Chloe (TS + sleeping face)
  • LittleFee Lishe (NS + sleeping face)
  • Aileen doll dragons (2 of them)

So, do you have a steady wishlist, or does it change all the time? Does it make you wince in horror of the expensiveness, or do you feel comfortable with it?